We are a collective of companies focused on development, acquisition, property management, and construction management.

The naming of the new parent company was inspired by author Alexander Dumas’ most enduring characters, Edmond Dantes and Abbe Faria. Like our protagonists, we trust that when you work with us, you’ll find that we are unabashed dreamers and precise doers. We help you make sense of your real estate development and management problems; we creatively drum up solutions out of seemingly unconquerable odds; we gravitate towards complex deals most development firms would turn down. And we specialize in making the impossible possible. We used this inspiration to name our new parent company.


Buwa Binitie

Founder and CEO
Dumas Collective®

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Dumas Collective® is a real estate and social impact conglomerate, encompassing a diverse group of companies that are united in their commitment to excellence and community empowerment. The collective’s holdings include Dantes Partners, Faria Management, Dantes Community Partners, and No.07 Consultants. Established in 2006 as a development firm under the Dantes Partners brand, Dumas Collective has evolved to offer comprehensive property, asset, and construction management services.

Operating throughout the Mid-Atlantic region, with offices in Washington, DC, and New York, Dumas Collective stands as a vertically integrated industry leader. Its real estate development arm, Dantes Partners, is renowned for utilizing innovative financial approaches to create Luxury Affordable Housing® in high-demand cities across America. With a focus on addressing the pressing need for affordable and workforce housing, Dantes Partners excels in development, acquisition, management, and financing.

To date, Dumas Collective has successfully financed, developed, and acquired over 8,000 units, with a combined financing and investment value exceeding $2.3 billion dollars. As a testament to its ongoing growth and success, Dumas Collective currently manages a robust portfolio of over 3,300 units.

In addition to its real estate ventures, Dumas Collective leverages its extensive industry expertise to provide external consulting services for public-private partnerships, furthering its commitment to fostering thriving and sustainable communities.
Established in 2006, Dantes Partners is a Black owned business with a mission to develop Luxury Affordable Housing® and community-focused real estate initiatives across the Mid-Atlantic region. To date, Dantes Partners has successfully financed, developed, and acquired over 8,000 units, with a combined financing and investment value exceeding $2.3 billion dollars.

Simultaneously, Dantes Partners leverages its extensive expertise in the field of real estate development and financing of company-owned portfolios and provides exclusive consulting services in public-private deal structuring and negotiations. Furthermore, Dantes Partners also offers consulting in pre-development planning and oversight, market research and analysis, debt or equity underwriting, project and asset management, community outreach, as well as portfolio due diligence.
Faria Management is the property management division of Dumas Collective®. The firm provides boutique style property management services by bringing an unconventional, solution-based owner’s approach to urban communities. Faria Management’s mission is to provide a brand of luxury affordable housing® which is a high-quality boutique style form of management services, to owners of income-restricted housing. Faria commenced on-site management operations in 2016 and operates nearly 3,300 units across the Mid-Atlantic region.
Dantes Community Partners is the investment division of Dumas Collective®. The organization is an investment management firm focused on acquiring existing, cash flowing assets with an emphasis on preserving affordable and workforce housing across the country. The firm actively pursues section 8, expiring LIHTC and naturally affordable properties where fresh capital can be injected to enhance the communities and leverage our operating platform to boost tenant satisfaction. Dantes Community Partners has acquired over 1,894 units in the primary target market of the Mid-Atlantic Region with over $320M in assets under management.

No. 07 Consultants’ mission is to provide professional, personalized, and quality construction management services to private developers and public sector entities. No. 07 Consultants will offer an individualized experience to the client, ensuring transparency and personal care to each development venture. No. 07 Consultants is unique in the aspect that each project is viewed like our own even though we are not a direct stakeholder. No. 07 Consultants is dedicated and takes personal ownership. We are intimately involved in every aspect from the initial paper napkin sketch/preconstruction phase through construction completion. Your project and or property is not just another job in a catalog of projects.